Il nuovo Kerio Operator 2.6.2

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La nuova versione 2.6.2 di Kerio Operator aumenta la gamma dei telefoni supportati in auto-provisioning con l’aggiunta della serie 7800 e 8800 di Cisco, dei modelli Yealink S T48S, T46S, T42S, T41S, T58A e anche del nuovo video telefono Yealink VP-T49G.

Tutti i dettagli sono disponibili di seguito oppure a questo URL .

Version 2.6.2

Kerio Operator
* Updated EULA.
+ Provisioning support for Cisco 7800 series.
+ Provisioning support for Cisco 8800 series.
+ Support for new Yealink S phone range: T48S, T46S, T42S, T41S, and T58A
+ Support for a new Yealink video phone “VP-T49G”.
+ Addition of french prompt set.
– If any user is added in Favorite list, Whisperer does not show star for that user in Yellow color.
– “Rights” column is not sorted alphabetically.
– Nginx error flood. Kerio Operator Desktop app stops working on Mac.
– Web engine becomes unresponsive. Kerio Phone and web services do not work as a result.
– “text/html” nginx warning in the logs.
– AMI interface fails due to large output from Asterisk.
– Better handling of users import from csv file.
– Unable to upload backup to MyKerio in rare cases.
– Yealink phones lose call immediately after parking, so they cannot hear the parking slot number.
– snom D725 blf + call pickup + transfer problem fixed.
– Call to Call Queue transfer call to extension, next call into queue doens’t ring extension.

Kerio Phone
+ Sound output/input device names are more descriptive.
– CallSwitch button blinks for a moment.
– Transformed numbers breaks caller ID.
– Chrome: KO plug-in URL exceptions does not work.
– Caller ID doesn’t work on incoming calls for users in LDAP.
– Kerio Phones crashes with some dialed numbers.
– Improved “Downloading” dialog height.
– accessibility of the voicemail configuration even when voicemail is disabled on the extension in kerio admin.